The Financial Advisory Industry is evolving

The market continues to embrace new methods of wealth management and capital formation. For financial advisors, one constant remains: their success depends on their ability to build and curate a vast network of clients and prospective clients.

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Your most precious asset is your network

Financial advisors rely on their network to ensure a steady stream of new business opportunities.

But financial executives can spend up to 30% of their time collecting, inputting and managing information needed to stay on top of their network.

KADO digital business card enables you to effectively manage your network with smart notes, contact management and search features which will take your networking game to the next level.

Digital business cards and contact management for financial advisors to better network
contact, note and interaction management with team sharing functionalities

Your time is invaluable

Financial advisors are constantly pressed for time. To increase performance, your time is best spent focused on addressing clients’ needs.

KADO provides financial advisors with a solution for efficiently recording and retrieving notes & interactions allowing you to better manage client relationships.