The Best Digital Business Cards for Consultants

Win more consulting deals with the next generation virtual business cards and contact management software.

New Business Comes From Networking and Credentials

Showcase your brand, creds and expertise with our interactive digital business cards. Grow your network with simplified workflows.

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Digital Business Cards

Grow your network and easily exchange and capture contacts, digitally. KADO is your new digital rolodex.

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Business links and video content

Include links to consulting case studies, white papers, or video interviews with sector views. You will not get unnoticed!

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Interaction tracking

Esily track notes, tasks, emails and meetings. Never forget another important detail.

Showcase your Consulting Creds and Expertise.

KADO's attractive branded business cards, combined with scanning and connectivity features, gets you the most from your networking efforts and new business relationships.

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Increase Consulting Client Retention

There are “barbarians at the gate” fighting for your clients. KADO is designed to help you better manage your contacts, and build impactful relationships with notes, email and calendar integrations that will help you navigate client communication.

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