Strong Relationships Fuel The Consulting Industry

Competition is fierce across the Consulting Industry. Contracts are not awarded solely to the most qualified firm. Often, the firm that develops the closest relationship with clients to build trust and familiarity, wins the deal.

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New Business Comes From Networking

Consulting executives must nurture and expand their network to source new opportunities.

It is essential to proactively communicate with their network to uncover opportunities and remind the market of their presence.

KADO's attractive branded business cards, combined with scanning and connectivity features, gets you the most from your networking efforts and new business relationships.

business consultant networking with digital business card
relationship manager with notes, interactions and integration management

Retention, Retention, Retention

There are “barbarians at the gate” fighting for your clients. To ensure contracts are renewed, you must develop lasting relationships with your clients

KADO is designed to help you better manage your contacts, and build impactful relationships with notes, comments and integrations that will help you navigate client communication and keep them engaged for the long term.