Careers: Work with us

disrupt business relations and break the status quo

We believe in pioneers with a different vision of the future

Why Join us?

We are a team, pushing all together to get an awesome product to market, even if we all know that the future is uncertain. As long as we work together and we work as one, we know we can make great things happen!

Care for our clients

Our clients lead our way and define our path. We work towards ensuring we are able to offer a fantastic product to make their lives easier...

Break the status quo

We never take anything for granted and never settle for what we already know. Progress will only come with hard work and big changes.

Invest in people

We invest in the personal and professional growth of every single member of our KADO family, as no matter how digital our World becomes, people are at the base of every idea or change.

Own your work

Just as we believe in others, we believe in our self-empowerment. We are all 100% responsible of our work and we are kept accountable for it.

Give back

We appreciate everyone in our team and help each other out, without expecting anything in return. Eventually, the more you give, the more you get.